ProMan In Action

We are interested in your business, so have your type of business, size of company, and what your current needs are. We would like to help you develop your project goals. A successful project for you, makes it a successful project for both of us.

Call our office or use our contact sheet. Interested in general information and pricing, request one of our sales associates. No obligation and no more nagging phone calls. Just end your call with “please don’t contact me again until I call you – we respect your privacy and we understand you are busy”. We’ll work with you, when you are ready, give us another call.. Want a more specialized phone call, we’ll schedule the meeting with an actual software installer who can answer actual specific software questions and let you know how PROMAN-erp can help those questions you are faced with solving.

In any case, we’ll send you a project costing worksheet to use. We understand that every project ranges in scope; so we can tailor the solution for the level of support that you need to make your project a success. Some quick, generic key points about our model.

  • You can have either locally hosted or cloud based server solutions
  • Our software is user based. There is a license fee per concurrent user. That means that you can have xx people using the software at one time. Early estimates might be 60% of the users on your business system today.
  • We run on Windows 7 and Windows 8 clients. Typical machines have a 2 gigs of RAM and an i5 processor. Disk storage depends on the amount of spreadsheets that you might keep on the local machine.
  • The server portion runs on Win 2008, Win 2003, Win 2010