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Non-Production activities

Your PROMAN-erp system supports collecting information for non-production activities in the plant. There are a number of items that fit into this category, such as: R&D – tax credit tracking Process Improvement Capital Projects Proto-Typing Planned Maintenance Warranty work Field work many others Regardless of the use, your system has the ability to create a special work order. This can […]

Bar Coding

PROMAN-erp supports bar coding, both from printing/labeling goods with bar code labels and reading bar codes while processing transactions. Using bar codes can help with inventory accuracy and reduce the effort to enter transactions into the system. These result in accuracy all through the system from picking parts, shipping, receiving, and inventory movements. This process might be easier than you […]


PROMAN-erp supports your paperless business objective. The system has many places that the user can click to scan, or attach a document. This document stays attached to the record on the screen. This document is then visible anytime in the future with a click of the button on all relevant screens. No more looking for documents or going to that […]

Engineer to Order

PROMAN-erp is designed to allow the planning and execution of a work order component list to be maintained for that specific work order. The original bills of material remain in place for future work orders. An example of this might be that we need to use some substitute parts in order to make a delivery. We want to be able […]