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Executive Dashboard

Executive Dashboard

The Dashboard is pre-defined to address over 50 industry standard metrics from all areas of your business, including Finance, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Productivity and Production. Information is displayed using informative graphs and summaries in each area, and allows managers to drill down uncovering the important details.

Our Executive Dashboard is one more component of ProMan’s ‘Close Your Loop’ initiative. Information from our ProMan application is uploaded and summarized to provide management of all levels with analysis tools to keep them in tune with the pulse of the business.Implementation of the dashboard is easy, just load our pre-built standard template on your network server and your ProMan system connects to it automatically. As your business grows and changes, additional user-defined metrics can easily be added to our standard offerings to allow for continued effective business analysis. No special licenses or training is required. Using the instinctive design, managers are up and running with a single click on their favorite web browser.

This top-down detail is available in all the business areas.

  • The system supports a number of user-defined graphs.
  • Simple pie charts
  • Monthly bar charts
  • Stacked bar charts for yield
  • Work Center loading graphs
  • Pare-to Charts for Scrap code analysis
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