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Innovative Partner Portal

Innovative Partner Portal

Display Customer order information including promise dates, order status, shipping notifications and schedule changes. Refreshed on a regular schedule by your ProMan system.

Important private messages can also be transmitted from your desktop.

Supplier Relationship Management

Display Vendor specific open purchase order information including current status, promised delivery dates, change orders and recent receiving information.

Important rejection and or quality communications can also be automatically transmitted by your ProMan system.

Partner Portal is the final component of ProMan’s ‘Close your Loop’ initiative. Information for both Customer and Vendors is displayed in a professional format and with information that you want them to view.

Use ProMan’s Partner Portal to close your communication loop with your Productivity Partners, eliminating the need for repeated phone calls and emails back and forth, which seems common in many companies.

Secure and reliable communication for Customers, Vendors, and Interplant departments

Close your communications loop!

On-line — www.onlineppcc.com – This is a ProMan hosted web portal available as a service to registered ProMan software users. This portal, “online ProMan Partner Communication Center,” is a way for you to communicate with your business partners, either customers or vendors, and even interplant departments assuring that your important communications are received promptly and not lost in the mountains of email and voice mail that is so prevalent in today’s work place.

Your partner will be issued a user ID and password. They can then log into this site and see their orders, status, and delivery requirements / promises. This is linked to your system to provide your partner(s) with easy-to-obtain information.

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