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Knowledge Base

We have an online Knowledge Base that you will have access to as a PROMAN user. This KB has thousands of pages.

You can start at our base landing page and drill into different business processes (modules) and continue drilling into details.

However, many users simply click on the KB button on the screen they are currently in, or hit their F1 (windows help) key in any field. The system then takes you to the KB and puts you in page specific to where you came from. Help is only a click away!

The KB has many faucets to it. We have

  • Videos – help you know how to use the fastkey or function
  • Helpful hint pages – this encompasses may different types of helpful pages
    • getting started documents – these walk you through creating your first transaction or process in the topic referenced
    • question and answer type of help to common questions
    • Templates to help you with the process you are doing
    • Training guides
    • PowerPoints – get a quick overview
    • and then a general section for all other hints
  • FlowCharts – get a process flow (secret, there are menus in the system that you can use that follow these flowcharts)
  • Operating instructions
  • Sample screens – just want to know whats on screen
  • Sample Report – see what columns are commonly on some of the report options
  • See what menus this fastkey is on
  • admin help on setting the options available for this fastkey
  • T-accounts to help accounting know how this fastkey will affect their ledger