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NM of NY

Our inventory was out of control. We purchased PROMAN-erp to get our arms around this process.

we started on day one by printing labels for our inventory as we received it. This was really simple; all we needed was a label printer and put it on our network. These labels are bar coded, so we used this bar code when we did anything with our inventory.

we expanded this to include items that we made in-house and printed labels for all of our WIP_RECEIPTS. Our finished goods and sub-assemblies are now labeled.

All of our inventory transactions are now processed with a bar code scanner or bar code enabled tablet. Our transactions are now done at the same time as the activity on the floor.

We have now started to cycle count our problem parts once a month. This is helping us find the holes in our processes

PROMAN-erp has helped us wrap our arms around our process and now feel that we are in control. Great product and Great support