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Your annual support contract gives you access to thousands of document arranged in such popular categories as:

  • Flowcharts
  • getting started documents
  • templates
  • power point training
  • question and answer documents
  • operator instructions
  • admin pages
  • T-accounts examples for menu options (fastkeys)

Some people use these documents and get only a basic introduction training program.

In other cases, we can be supply project managers to run your entire implementation project.

We are happy provide any level of service between these two options. We have implementers and support desk people with many years of experience in manufacturing and PROMAN-erp. we can offer services at the level you need, even down the road.

We provide training on-site or on-line, as you need.

Here are some questions that people have ask down the road:

  • can we get help starting cycle counting
  • can we get help planning and using MRP for our business
  • can we get help – we need to start using lot tracing on some of our parts
  • can we get help with starting bar coding
  • can we get help with labor collection, we can tell where our labor cost is going

give us chance to help you out with your challenges!

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