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About Us

Proman-ERP, Inc. was founded by Jesse S. Tillia, President. Proman-ERP is in a suburb of Buffalo, NY. The people at Proman-ERP take great pride in the leadership they provide to improve operations of manufacturers and in assisting them in their quest to become world class manufacturers. Proman-ERP team members have been planning and implementing manufacturing software systems for nearly three decades. We are focused exclusively on manufacturing.

Proman-ERP, Inc. is the central support organization for the PROductivity software for MANufacturing (Proman-ERP), an integrated business system for manufacturers. We serve users of Proman-ERP throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. Proman-ERP, Inc. offers the resources and experience to solve manufacturing problems through implementation of our innovative system. Our low-cost, full-featured system is the industry standard for easy-to-use, efficient management of the manufacturing organization.

We are committed to supporting our business partners from the implementation decision, on through the installation phase, and into the future to meet the increasing needs of your growing organization. We have a proven track record and methodology for managing your implementation by careful analysis of your business needs, thorough investigation and planning of available solutions, and recommendation of appropriate technology and processes. Our service/support team members are there to help you, ensuring efficient installation and continued satisfaction with your system in the future. On-site visits, formal classes, telephone support, and four levels of complete on-line help ensure that assistance is never far away.

Following implementation of your system, Proman-ERP, Inc. stays right on the job, working with you to ensure that your Proman-ERP system functions reliably and aids in the growth and development of your company. Our commitments to our customers include:

Strategically enhancing software applications where needed.
Providing project management, solid training, and support from management to user levels.

Pursuing continuous improvement of your processes in your journey to reach and maintain world-class status.

General Information: info@proman-erp.com
Sales: sales@proman-erp.com

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