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Backflush Components

You can always issue components from stock using a number of processes. However, this may not be practical or even accurate. In some cases, we should relieve that inventory as the work order is processed in our shop floor system. Our system allows you to use either process, issuing or backflushing, as it fits the process in your plant. You can use a combination of the two on the same assembly.

There are a couple of ways to backflush components in PROMAN-erp. You can do this for all the components in a work order when the work order is completed. Or you can backflush particular components as work is done on each operation.

With simple bills of material and relatively short cycle times, you may just choose to backflush all components when the parts are completed on your work order. In this case you may just set the entire work order to be backflushed at receipt time. We backflush the components on partial completion of the work order as well.

With more complex bills of material (perhaps multi-level) and longer cycle times, it may be more accurate to backflush the components at different operations on the work order. One such example may be:

we can see that the components on this work order are set to be backflushed (BF) at different operations (called sequence numbers in our system). we have two components that must be issued into the work order.

In this case, the two components (with no BF references) will have to be manually entered into the system.

When work is completed on sequence 015, those parts will be relieved from inventory. The completion of work may come from labor entry or shop floor “move” data. Either case will cause the components to be relieved from inventory.

This ties our labor collection system, or shop floor system and inventory all together, making maintaining an accurate inventory require less individual transactions.

Regardless with which choices you select in processing your work orders through the system, you can use some of these methods to report inventory movement and keep you inventory accurate. This also helps in keeping your work cost accurate, but avoiding missed components being issued from stock.

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