Bar Coding

PROMAN-erp supports bar coding, both from printing/labeling goods with bar code labels and reading bar codes while processing transactions.

Using bar codes can help with inventory accuracy and reduce the effort to enter transactions into the system. These result in accuracy all through the system from picking parts, shipping, receiving, and inventory movements. This process might be easier than you thought and PROMAN-erp provides a number of features to support your implementation.

When parts are received into inventory, either purchased or manufactured in -house, the system will optionally print bar coded inventory labels. This can be a single click during the transaction. The formats can be different depending on the part configuration.


The label uses standard 3 x 9 bar codes that can be read in the balance of the system.

All you need is a label printer set up on your network, such as a Zebra label printer.


The system will ask if the user wants to print inventory labels. If yes, the user can specify the number of labels (so that we can put a label on two different sides of the box and always be visible on the storage shelf).

The system can also print bar codes on documents used. For instance, during labor collection on the shop floor, we may need the work order number and the sequence number. The document for the shop floor (traveler) can be printed with bar codes on them.


There are times where two parts are visually the same. When picking parts for kits, we might pull the correct quantity of both parts. The system can print “issue” labels that can then print bar coded labels for the parts while they are in the kit. This helps the people who assembling the product know the correct component to use.

The system can print bar coded physical inventory labels to help with scanning the counts.

You can use a variety of scanners or tablets that have built in scanners to process transactions more accurately and quicker. This can be used all through the system.

Tablets with bar code scanner

Tablets with bar code scanner

RF bar code guns

RF bar code guns

wireless devices can be used on your shop floor to scan the bar codes produced in your PROMAN-erp system to complete transactions in real time at the point of the activity.

This produces very efficient transactions with increased accuracy, all designed to keep your inventory quantity on hand correct.

For more information see our features page Bar Coding

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