ProMan’s ‘Close Your Loop’ Initiative

We combine ProMan ERP – our full featured suite of graphical applications – with our innovative web-based Executive Dashboard and unique Partner Communication Portal, providing the integrated building blocks necessary to fulfill this initiative.

ProMan ERP to plan and execute, Executive Dashboard to analyze the pulse of the business and Partner Portals to get the message out, closing the LOOP, and allowing the cycle to repeat with more effective planning and execution, creating the management tool.

Enterprise Resource Planning for Manufacturing

  • FULL-FEATURED GRAPHICAL APPLICATION, easy to use, fully integrated ERP system. More than 20 business areas (including financials) make up our base software, allowing manufacturers to effectively operate their business in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. Learn more
  • EXECUTIVE DASHBOARD. Information from your ProMan system is automatically uploaded and summarized, giving management Web-based analysis tools, which allow you to feel the pulse of the business and drill-down to the details. Learn more
  • PARTNER PORTAL. ERP software integrated with a web portal that provides your customers, vendors and representatives with current supply chain requirements. Learn more
  • ON-LINE KNOWLEDGEBASE. Online help screens, hints, flowcharts, videos, administrator setup, and operator instructions are just a few of the many features of our KnowledgeBase. Learn more