Demand from customers

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There a number of ways to load customer demand into your PROMAN-erp system. These fall into two major categories; one is hard sales orders from your customer and second is a sales forecast.

Sales Orders

Sales orders are hard orders from your customers for your products. These are typically sent to you with a Purchase Order referenced and contains the parts, quantity, delivery, and prices.

We have a number of ways to enter these into our system.

Manual Entry – we have a data entry screen that you can enter the information into our system. This can optionally contain more than 100 pieces of information. We allow unlimited number of parts on a single order with multiple delivery dates and pricing per line item.

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange. we allow unlimited number of trading partners to be defined, each with their own mapping of data to allow the automatic creation of sales orders in our system. It is customary to work through a 3rd party service to control the transmission of the data.

Webstore Interface – integration with webstore sites. We don’t create nor administer your webstore, but we have worked with many partners to integrate the orders directly into PROMAN from the webstore.

Web Interfaces – we have different interfaces that can be configured from websites such as Amazon, WOOT, and others. This allows for the direct order to be loaded into your PROMAN system.

Customer Interface – we have an interface that can be mapped to specific customer electronic files. This requires an agreement about what data is sent to you and in what format. The system can be configured to accept this data and then create the sales order in your PROMAN system.

Regardless of which for works for your company (or combination of approaches), you can manually update your sales order in PROMAN with the manual entry.

To PROMAN system, all orders are processed the same. This means that the orders can optionally go through a credit process and review process.

With the proper configuration, a webstore could be entered by your customer and the shipping document printed on shipping dock in minutes after any manual effort. We have customers that can ship product within 30 minutes of the customer clicking “save” (or checking out their cart).

Sales Forecast

We allow the entry of sales forecast into your PROMAN system. A forecast allows you to potentially procure material, make sub-assemblies, or build finished goods. Our system uses a net forecasting methodology, which means that as the actual orders are received, the system will plan for the net amount of the forecast.

Manual Entry – You can add any number of quantity and deliveries planned per part. There are mass updates allowed, such as plan 7 pieces for each Friday for the next 9 weeks to make your updates easier to enter.

Import from External sources – There can any number of external sources of forecast information. Your customer may provide this information, without actually ordering the parts. You may use an external service that applies indices against your parts and project future needs. You can use sales forecasting software that applies algorithms and forecast future needs. Any of these can be uploaded into your system.

Create from history – we provide some basic historical data analysis and then create forecast based on a number of different moving average type data. This approach can work if your history reflects your future needs.

Once again, no matter how the data was entered into the system, you can manually adjust the with the manual entry approach.

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