If you are a manufacturing company, then our software was designed for you. More than just business software, we are a tool to help run your manufacturing business.

Flexible – your business too small to use some features, flip the light switch and the features are hidden in the background until you need them.

Software for demanding environments. Through configuration, our solution is a powerful set of tools that helps run your business from general ledger to shop floor. See our index page. Call today for a full list of features.

Communication is key. Today’s business environment demands that companies remain agile and responsive to every changing needs. Our system provides a path to relay your needs through portal to your supply chain, to shop floor visual schedule boards, all in real time.

Ease of use. Business decisions need to be made quickly and effectively. Real time information is easy to access from a browser based dashboard for upper management, to single click drill down for power users, to moving your information to Excel for analysis.

Help – our system comes with an online Knowledge Base, consisting of flow charts, helpful hints documents, reference help, reference screens, and other resource documents, all with the a click of your mouse or press F1 for help. Our system knows where you are and puts you in the closest matched document.