Loading Accounts Payable

We have a number of ways that accounts payable invoices are loaded into the system.

The methods of the invoices getting into your PROMAN-erp system fall into a number of categories.

  • from purchase order receipts – regardless of how the purchase order was created (purchase parts, purchase work order sub-contracting, purchase to an expense account)
  • manual entry without a purchase order (rent, bank payments, etc)
  • recurring payables (loan payments, etc)
  • rep commissions – reps are paid a commission percentage on a sales invoice
  • importing expense accounts

Purchase Order Receipts – we have a couple of ways to receive goods into your system, but they all result in open purchase orders requirements being processed into a receipt. The type of receipt falls into one of three categories, based on the line item of the Purchase Order.

  • P – purchase parts that are put into inventory. These may well be automatically issued to a work order, or they may remain in stock until they are needed
  • W – purchased directly to WIP (work-in-process). Certain material can be purchased directly to the work order (when a bill of material is not used). In other cases, you can purchase sub-contracting (heat treat, plating, outside machining, etc). These cost go directly to WIP
  • G – purchased and expensed directly to a general ledger account

This receipt is matched up to an invoice received from the supplier to make a payable that will be paid through the AP processes (ACH or manual checks). Variances may be calculated and booked by the system depending on how you have your system setup.

Non-Purchase Order invoices – These invoices can be manually entered with defaults set for the general ledger expense accounts set by supplier code. The system can split the total expense based on percentages.

Recurring Payables – You can create a schedule of invoice amounts. These will be converted to payables based on this schedule. You can update the schedule as long as the amounts

have not been processed. This can be useful in the case of leases, bank loans, and other items that must be paid on a schedule.

Rep Commissions – The system has the ability of paying multiple reps a commission on a sales order. The reps can be set to split the available commission. The commission can be set on each line item on the sales order. As the parts are shipped on the sales order and invoiced, a payable will be created for the amount of commission for each rep, based on the parts that were shipped/invoiced.

These payables can be put on hold. They can then be released either by a certain number of days after the invoice, or they can be released based on the payment from the customer of the AR invoice. All depending how you set up your system.

Employee Expense Account import – There can be a process setup to process expense accounts. This process is imported into the system with expense accounts already defined.

Regardless of the process of entering the payable it can be process through the payment process in the system the same way. They all work the same way.

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