Substitute Parts

The planning process in PROMAN-erp is going to schedule planned orders as needed to make deliveries on-time. Regardless of this planning, late deliveries from suppliers, broken machines, missing employees, and a great many other events affect the availability of needed components.

We provide a method to define known substitutes during the engineering, bills of material stage. This provides flexibility to the planner to utilize these substitutes to make adjustments and still maintain deliveries.

Firm planned orders can have their standard component requirements modified to keep planned schedule finish dates. This component requirements are the ones used when this is converted into a work order on the floor. MRP planning and purchasing or (sub-assembly completion schedules) will be planned accordingly.

If the base component requirement is not known during the planning phase, the work order can be modified to use one of the substitutes.

Perhaps the shortage is not realized until the parts are being picked in the stockroom. The substitutes can be readily viewed and issues from stock can be made on the fly (issuing the substitute and removing the original component requirement).

PROMAN-erp is flexible enough provide your substitute parts list any time in the process.

We also provide a configurable list of reason codes. While, we don’t want to rely on substitutes, we provide logs to shows how often this happens, so that we can adjust the planning process and take corrective action.

In any case, the work order will have the actual components used for future reference as to what the unit(s) were built with.

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