Work Order Value

PROMAN-erp is a real time system. This means that when a user issues a part from stock into a work order, sub-contracting parts are received or labor cost is collected, the value of the work order is updated immediately. Any cost in your work order works this way.

This will give you real time access to the cost in your work order, so that you can make decisions immediately. Having information at your finger tips at the moment you need it is crucial to making the best decisions possible.


This is why we try to design our system to not only have this information up to date all the time, but also provide access to it when you need it. This is what we call one-click. This means that when the work order number is on the screen, we want the information that you need to be one click away.

Lets say that you are already on the WO_STATUS screen, which shows the status of your work order; components used, labor completed, sub-contracting progress. However, we want to know how the cost on this work order is progressing. You can have a (admin-configurable) button on that screen that drills you into the cost display for this work order.


Don’t be misled by the column heading “std cost”. This might well be

that cost for our make to stock environments, but it can also mean our budget (or estimated) cost for our job shop environments. We are configurable around your needs.

This screen also has its own buttons defined. You can have one of them take you to WO_STATUS, where the details are all available for material, labor, sub-contracting.

Just for reference, our system supports the following cost categories

  • Material
  • Direct labor
  • Outplant (sub-contracting)
  • variable overhead
  • fixed overhead
  • material overhead

Feel free to contact us about how to track you work-in-process in your environment with PROMAN-erp.