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Software Selection Help

This page offers resources to help you in the software selection process. We have defined the typical 10 stages of the selection process and off resources to help you with your journey.

These are a combination of our 30 years in the industry and meant to help you with the process if you don’t already have a defined process in mind.

  1. Project Goal – Requirements Gathering
    1. Project Goal Video
    2. Project Goal Worksheet
    3. Requirements Video
    4. Requirements Worksheet
  2. Preliminary Research
    1. short video – who are we
    2. IT introduction to PROMANerp
    3. Financial introduction to PROMANerp
    4. Operations introduction to PROMANerp
    5. Video defining Stage 2 process
  3. Vendor Shortlisting
  4. Informal Inquiries
  5. Request for Demos
  6. Tech Eval Scorecard
  7. RFP or RFI
  8. Business Case Review
  9. Vendor Viability
  10. Contract Negotiations