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Getting to Know us

We know that your time is precious. We have prepared a couple of videos to introduce us and what PROMAN-erp is capable of. We build these based on how much time you have available

Three Minute Intro
This introduction gives you a quick look to see if you have any interest

Seven Minute Intro from different perspectives
Introduction from IT perspective
Introduction from a finance perspective
Introduction from an Operations Manager perspective

1 hr Mini Demo
This is a quick drive into the system and the built in dashboard.

Down the road we can do a full demo and spend hours exploring the many features of the system.

Before you go diving into all of that, we should perhaps have an on-line meeting to discuss the challenges you are facing and causing you to look for a new system. We would like to show you how we might answer these questions and show that diving deeper is going to be worth your time.

Send an email to the representative that has been contacting (or sales@proman-erp.com) and ask for “I have looked at your introduction videos and would like 1 hour on-line meeting to discuss our needs”.

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